David Fix

A naturalist since childhood, David has devoted his life to the pursuit of knowledge and meaning in the outdoor world. Extensive forestry and wildlife survey experience in old-growth, in today's dynamic 'industrial forest' mosaic, in human-impacted lowland habitats, in the mountains, and at sea have given him a highly integrated understanding of animal and plant communities. Among his proudest achievements has been the mentoring and encouraging of many aspiring biologists. A well-honed perception of the abundance and distribution of birds has been the product of a lifetime spent seeking, watching, and writing about these creatures, many of which have high land-use management profiles.

He has numerous specialized birding skills and has authored many publications. His affiliations include The American Birding Association, Friends of the Eel River, Malheur Field Station, The Orion Society, Redwood Region Audubon, Siskiyou Field Institute.

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