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Long Wharf Investors is an investment advisory firm providing individuals, families, trusts, foundations and non-profits with customized investment strategies and financial solutions designed to meet both their cash flow needs and long-term capital goals.

At Long Wharf Investors, these three words define us as investment advisors.  With over 90 years of collective experience in the financial and investment industry, we understand how critical it is to be able to see the big picture – to operate above the market fray; to plan ahead for our clients by identifying trends that will affect their immediate future; and to map a financial strategy that goes beyond immediate need - planning a legacy, not just a retirement fund.

Our team draws on deep experience in the financial markets that enable our clients to set real financial goals and meet them.  We exercise carefully honed skills in long-range financial planning and investing with a winning approach that is low-cost, high value, and efficient. 

360 degrees. A singular focus.

Our 360 degree investment approach is strategic and well-rounded - employing rigorous analysis and proprietary, quantitative methods for selecting securities and monitoring portfolios. Our approach is also based on careful diversification and attention to long-term planning – not only are we concerned with the present needs of our clients, but we are committed to helping our clients navigate their entire financial lives.

Our focus is singular – on you.  As trusted advisors, we enable our clients to count on us for transparent advice and our undivided attention.  Because there are no products to buy, and no hidden commissions, this freedom allows us to focus our efforts on providing the most objective advice available, tailored to our clients’ needs.  And because we partner with large national brokerage firms for custodial services, our clients know their assets are safe.

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Contact David Bush-Brown

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