David Borneman

Fire used to be a regular and frequent component of our landscape here in
the Midwest. Many of our native ecosystems such as prairies, oak-hickory
woodlands, and certain wetlands burned frequently. Historically, these fires
were started by Native Americans or lightning. The fire stimulated many of
the plant species to grow more vigorously, and discouraged others that
were not adapted to fire’s heat.

Prescribed fire improves the quality of:

  • Remnant or planted prairies
  • Oak-hickory woodlands
  • Wetlands
  • Native landscaping
  • Wildlife habitat
  • Wildlife food plots
  • Farmland in the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP)

Restoring nature…
Today, many non-native, invasive plant species have invaded our natural
fire-adapted ecosystems, decreasing the diversity of native plants and
animals. By returning fire to a site, we begin to give the competitive
advantage back to the native species and restore the site to its former
ecological health.

The prescribed burn is done in a slow and deliberate manner, with safety
equipment on hand to monitor and control its spread. The burn is
conducted in such a manner as to minimize the amount of smoke produced,
and to direct any smoke away from smoke-sensitive areas as much as

The burn is done with the cooperation and approval of local fire
suppression authorities, who issue permits for burns to be conducted.
Weather conditions, personnel, equipment, and other parameters needed
for the burn to be conducted safely are outlined beforehand. Prior to
burning, temporary “burn breaks” are created around the area to be
burned to help manage the fire and delineate the exact boundaries of the
burn site.

Since 2000, David Borneman has conducted over 100 prescribed burns as
a private contractor on private land, regional parks, golf courses, hunting
preserves, farms, city and township parks, schools and corporate
campuses in the Midwest.

In addition, since 1993, David has coordinated the Natural Area
Preservation Division of Ann Arbor’s Parks Department, leading their efforts
to restore and manage 1200 acres of undeveloped parkland. During this
time, he has conducted approximately 250 burns covering 2500 acres as
Prescribed Burn Leader with a burn crew of up to fifteen members.

David is the past Chair of the Michigan Prescribed Fire Council. He is a
Board Member of the Natural Areas Association, the Midwest Invasive Plant
Network, and The Stewardship Network.


Commercial General Liability:

$2,000,000 per occurrence

$4,000,000 aggregate

Workers’ Compensation: $500,000

Commercial Auto Liability: $1,000,000

Contact David Borneman

Contact David Borneman

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