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Baillie Lumber is one of North America’s largest manufacturers, distributors and exporters of hardwood logs, lumber and lumber product. We were founded in 1923 by James A. Baillie and have grown from a regional supplier of domestic hardwoods to an international organization sourcing and shipping hardwoods from every region of the world.

Baillie Foresters Our foresters are forest management professionals who represent a company where the emphasis is on quality personnel. Each forester holds a degree in Forestry from an accredited college or university and has years of forest management experience. The partnership between the forester and the landowner continues throughout the entire forest management process -- planning, harvesting and reforestation. This is Baillie's forest management commitment to our most valuable asset — you, the forest landowner.

What we do
Baillie's entire forest management operation begins with the forest landowner. Virtually all of the lumber we sell originates from timber grown by private landowners. Our timber harvesting programs are diverse and can be adapted to accomplish a variety of forest management goals. Our forest management includes selective harvesting techniques where only mature, over-mature, overcrowded, diseased, dying and poorly formed trees are removed. By selecting the proper trees to remove, our forest management experts leave a more productive timber stand for future generations.

The timber harvesting professionals who carry out our forest management objectives are carefully selected by our foresters. All are formally trained, fully insured and must adhere to strict environmental guidelines required for successful forest management. All forest management activity is regularly monitored by our foresters.

DEC Regions Served: 4 5 6 7

Contact David B. Prezyna

Contact David B. Prezyna

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