Dave Donaldson Black River Wildlife Management Area
The Dave Donaldson WMA is a 25,000-acre area situated on both banks of the Black River in Clay, Green and Randolph Counties. Primarily a bottomland hardwood forested area, this WMA is popular with duck, deer and squirrel hunters. A gravity flow system comprised of a dam in Little River and a series of levees and siphons allows flooding of about 5000 acres of Green Tree Reservoir. Special management practices include a 150-acre moist soil unit to provide habitat for migratory birds and wintering waterfowl. Lake Ashbaugh, a popular 500-acre fishing lake, also serves as a waterfowl rest area.

Camping is permitted in designated campsites. These are marked on area maps that are available at the area headquarters, or from commission employees and regional commission offices. These are primitive areas and no modern facilities are available. Mosquitoes, biting flies and poison ivy are extremely common and campers should be prepared for them.

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