Dale Claassen

Dale Claassen is a professional forester with over 25 years of experience managing forests in the Pacific Northwest. Dale was the North Region Tree Farm Manager for Swanson Group until it divested its timberlands. Prior to joining Sperry Ridge he held the position of Swanson’s Logging Manager for federal, state and private timber sales. Dale has a wealth of experience in every aspect of forest management including silviculture, reforestation, harvesting, regulatory compliance and Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) compliance and reporting. He is actively involved in Oregon’s Forest Protective Associations and the Society of American Foresters.

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Sperry Ridge, Inc. provides quality management services to natural resource management organizations, assisting them in meeting their objectives more effectively, efficiently, and profitably. Whatever the challenge, be it operational, regulatory, administrative, financial, or relational, Sperry Ridge is your complete resource. Add to the experience of Sperry Ridge the team of associates it has assembled, and you will not find a more complete resource to meet your management needs.

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Contact Dale Claassen

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