Dale A. Stern

He assists clients with understanding the increasingly burdensome regulatory environment in which food companies must operate in California.  Dale skillfully guides clients through the process of obtaining permits and licenses required to engage in the production, processing, marketing and retail sales of agricultural products in California.

Dale also provides counsel to his clients on all aspects of their business operations – formation of business entities and non-profit organizations, day-to-day operations including the drafting of agreements for the sale and purchase of agricultural commodities, and interactions with governmental entities.

Food and agricultural producers and processors also rely on Dale to represent and protect their interests in legislative and regulatory settings, and in supporting or opposing ballot initiatives in California.  He drafts legislation and regulations and regularly appears on behalf of clients before the California Departments of Food and Agriculture, Pesticide Regulation, Toxic Substances and various other state and federal agencies, during rulemaking, disciplinary, mediation, arbitration and legislative proceedings.   Dale is known for his ability to work with all three branches of government to provide cost effective solutions on behalf of clients.

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Contact Dale A. Stern

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