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Donald E. Shows
P.O. Box 1204
Glenmora, Louisiana  71433
Phone: (318) 748-6061


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Services provided in:
  • Rapides Parish, Louisiana

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American Heritage Rivers Initiative
American Heritage Rivers, designated by the President, are engaged in community-driven, public-private partnerships to protect and sustain their environments, economies, and local heritage.

Barren Island Shoreline Protection and Wetland Restoration
This multi-agency partnership addresses the issues of dredge material placement, island erosion, resource protection, and innovative shoreline protection in one tidal marsh/island restoration project.

Binational Ocelot Recovery Project
Conservation agencies, organizations and foundations in Texas and Tamaulipas, Mexico team up with landowners to save the endangered ocelot through incentives-based stewardship.

Bridge Creek Salt Marsh Restoration Project
This project restored tidal flows to a 40-acre degraded salt marsh, improving habitat for a variety of estuarine organisms by replacing undersized culverts with larger, properly sized culverts.

Chesapeake Bay Program, Chesapeake Bay Commission
The Chesapeake Bay Program is a multi-state, multi-agency effort to restore water quality in the Chesapeake Bay through sound land-use decisions.

Defense Mapping Agency Center/National Imagery and Mapping Agency
Formerly used Defense site is being restored for economic development and conservation of significant wetland areas.

Family Forest Habitat Conservation Plan
The FFHCP is a community effort in collaboration with USFWS to develop viable long term forest management plans for family forest owners.

Grand County / BLM Recreation Partnerships
Through county and agency agreements, the BLM Sand Flats Recreation Area and the Moab Information Center are managed by non-federal partners.

Greater Yellowstone Coordination Sustainable Operations Subcommittee
Sustainable operations subcommittee promotes energy efficiency and waste and emissions reductions in the Greater Yellowstone Area.

Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes Stewardship Collaborative
This public/not-for-profit collaborative partnership is implementing variety of restoration projects & visitor service programs to mitigate the effects of one of the nation's largest oil spills.

Guide for South Dakota Rural Homeowners
The project/publication helps people to understand natural resources to better manage their small acreages for a healthier environment and guides them to available programs and services.

Gulf of Mexico Integrated Science in Tampa Bay
Scientists collaborate across disciplines to acquire scientific data on Tampa Bay that will help managers conserve and protect its resources.

Land Conservation Works in Augusta, Georgia
Through partnerships with governmental, private, corporate, and non-profit orgs, this partnership is building a successful land conservation movement in Augusta, GA

Louisiana Coastal Area Land Change Study Group
Multi-year, multi-agency coastal restoration and rehabilitation project responding to loss of 1,900 square miles of coastal land and marsh during the 20th century.

National Park Service and California State Parks
National Park Service and California State Parks collaborate on management of adjacent parks for cost savings and enhanced visitor services.

Northwest Florida Greenway Project
Military, government and nonprofit organizations partner to protect the Panhandle’s unique natural resources, economy, and military flyways.

Old Inlet Terrapin Habitat Enhancement Project
The goal of the Old Inlet Terrapin Habitat Enhancement Project is to restore nesting habitat for the Northern Diamond-backed Terrapin (Malaclemys terrapin terrapin).

Ontario Dune Coalition
TODC provides technical, educational, and clearinghouse services to its member organizations, property owners and public officials in matters addressing the Eastern Lake Ontario Dunes.

Oregon White Oak Restoration
Students and neighbors plant seven Oregon white oaks as pilot restoration project aimed at keeping oak habitat in the neighborhood.

Preserving Drayton Plains, a Clinton River Natural Area
Through a conservation easement and partnership with a township and non-profit Nature Center, Oakland Land Conservancy helped preserve a 137-acre threatened natural area.

Restoration Project at Alamatong Wellfield in Morris County
Partners target removal of invasive Russian olive shrub on 600-acre wellfield, a primary water source for over 470,000 Morris County residents and habitat for a variety of birds and insects.

Saving Willamette Valley Species with CPR
The Cross Program Recovery Initiative (CPR) Initiative focuses on 11 listed and unlisted species where significant recovery is achievable over the next five years.

Suwannee River Partnership
The Partnership is working with producers to improve river water quality through a voluntary program of Best Management Practices (BMP) and verification.

Tomales Bay Watershed
The “all-stakeholder” Tomales Bay Watershed Council formed in 2000 and its 30 members unanimously adopted a 135-page watershed plan in 2004.

Unique Partnership Impacts Wetland and Stream Health
The Kansas Alliance for Wetlands and Streams implements projects to restore and protect habitat and water quality in Kansas wetlands, streams, and riparian areas.

Washington State Military Sustainability Program
The military sustainability program uses a multi-stakeholder process to integrate conservation and sustainable land practices into military operations.

Washington's Crossing
Near the very banks where George Washington launched his nation-defining attack, an 80,000-square-foot shopping plaza was planned.

Waste Solutions Forum
Waste Solutions Forum brought together key stakeholders to assemble an action plan for implementing environmentally and economically viable solutions for excess animal waste in the Shenandoah Valley.

Wildlife Habitat Registry
To provide a web mapping tool to facilitate collaboration among wildlife biologist in federal, state, and tribal agencies and among NGO's involved in wildlife habitat projects.