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Related Success Stories for D & C Construction

Aquatic Nuisance Species Dispersal Barrier Project
Implemented electric barrier in the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal to deter the inter-basin transfer of invasive fish between the Great Lakes and Mississippi River.

Bahia Acquisition and Wetland Restoration Project
Project to permanently protect a 632-acre property consisting of unique native oak woodlands and diked/filled wetlands and to restore significant acreage of tidal wetlands.

Bahia Grande Estuary Restoration
Restorated tidal exchange and estuary functions of an 11,000 acre barren basin and reestablished critical habitat for fish, wildlife and waterfowl.

Bridge Creek Salt Marsh Restoration Project
This project restored tidal flows to a 40-acre degraded salt marsh, improving habitat for a variety of estuarine organisms by replacing undersized culverts with larger, properly sized culverts.

CF Industries National Watershed Award
The CF Industries National Watershed Award recognizes outstanding community watershed protection efforts. The award focuses on innovative, non-regulatory approaches to improving water quality.

Coastal Wetlands Planning, Protection and Restoration Act (“Breaux Act”)
The goal of the Breaux Act partnership is to design, build, maintain and monitor sustainable projects that create, protect, and restore Louisiana’s coastal wetlands.

Ducktrap River Tributary Restoration Project
The goal of the Ducktrap River project was to protect federally-endangered Atlantic Salmon and other cold water species by stabilizing the eroding portions of the tributary channel.

FireWise Communities
FireWise Communities is a national initiative helping communities and their residents design, build, and maintain fire resistant properties.

Fort McHenry Wetland Restoration and Field Station
The Aquarium worked to reconstruct this wetland creating a fully functioning marsh by promoting regular, natural tidal flooding, controlling debris accumulation, and enhancing habitat.

Gopher Tortoise Conservation Bank
A conservation bank is helping to restore the gopher tortoise, protect black pine snakes, and ensure affordable house lots in Mobile County, Alabama.

Grand County / BLM Recreation Partnerships
Through county and agency agreements, the BLM Sand Flats Recreation Area and the Moab Information Center are managed by non-federal partners.

Guadalupe River Project, San Jose, California
This project provides 100-year flood protection, habitat protection, water quality protection, fish & wildlife enhancement, and recreation & open space features within the Guadalupe River watershed.

Joliet Army Ammunition Plant
Private, county, state, and federal entities implement the Joliet Arsenal Citizens Planning Commission’s balanced redevelopment plan for the closed 23,000-acre arsenal.

Kagman Watershed Project
Joint effort by CNMI Dept. of Land & Natural Resources, Saipan & No. Islands SWCD and USDA NRCS to address flooding of agricultural land during rainy season & irrigation shortage during dry season.

Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument
Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument is jointly managed by BLM and the Pueblo de Cochti, with support from county and State partners.

Land Conservation Works in Augusta, Georgia
Through partnerships with governmental, private, corporate, and non-profit orgs, this partnership is building a successful land conservation movement in Augusta, GA

Land O’ Lakes Ravine Restoration
Partnership stabilized ravine leading to the Mississippi River that was causing sediment deposition and extreme disturbance to high quality plant communities.

Lower Bronx River—A Community-Led Restoration Initiative
With many partners, the Bronx River Alliance re-established salt marshes and created parkland at the site of an abandoned concrete plant.

Marsh Terracing Project
The project incorporated marsh terracing to restore fishery habitat and to test the cost effectiveness of this new restoration technique.

Michigan's Copper Country Cooperative Partnership
In 1998, NRCS contracted with the EPA to remediate about 800 acres of exposed stamp sand areas to prevent erosion into Torch Lake.

Moose Creek Fish Passage Restoration Project
A man-made waterfall blocked salmon from quality habitat. The Chickaloon Tribe lead a restoration project to reconstruct a natural river channel bypassing the waterfall.

North Lake Basin Wetlands Restoration
Contaminated ground water is cleaned with innovative technology and used to restore wetlands in a critical migratory waterfowl flyway.

Okhissa Lake
Building an earthen dam for a 1,000-acre lake for water and land recreation.

Point Loma Ecological Reserve
Landowners on Point Loma Peninsula joined with the U.S. Navy to establish a 650-acre Ecological Reserve Area to restore native coastal habitat.

Ragg Station Trail Restoration Project
An integrated crew made up of the Montana Conservation Corps, Nez Perce National Forest, Framing Our Community, and Nez Perce Tribal employees.

Sonoma Baylands Wetland Demonstration Project
Restoration of a 320-acre tidal salt marsh helped to pull a vital dredging project out of a quagmire of environmental issues.

West Branch Restoration Project, Arizona
West Branch landowners and Arizona Open Land Trust (now Arizona Land and Water Trust) partnered to restore and enhance wildlife habitat along the West Branch of the Santa Cruz River.