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In 1998, after successful business careers, David and Amy Beilharz and their four children moved from an upscale West Austin neighborhood to a beautiful undeveloped plot in the Texas Hill Country. With nothing but a travel trailer and a portable generator, they decided to live close to nature, to let it teach them as it has taught humans for thousands of years. Amy and David worked to develop this beautiful creek and surrounding land by working with nature instead of trying to substantially alter it. They have developed a solar, wind and hydro generating energy system; they raise buffalo which are indigenous to this area; and just recently moved from a yurt into their house which David built himself with the help of his family and friends.

After buying this land west of Austin, Amy and David looked at many ways to share its beauty with others. But doing so on any large scale would have meant making trails, removing fallen trees and branches, and cutting down some vegetation. This would have disturbed the existing habitat of the ravine and the trail traffic would have been trampled the complex bio-diverse life on the ravine floor, further disturbing the existing inhabitants. When David experienced a canopy tour in Costa Rica, he knew he had found the answer to sharing the beauty of Cypress Valley with minimal impact on the environment and a whole new angle of viewing nature - from a bird's eye view. "When I experienced the zip-lines in Costa Rica I had a full body experience that opened a new doorway to my relationship with nature," commented David. "That is what we hope to bring to the people that visit Cypress Valley."

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Contact Cypress Valley Canopy Tours

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