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We Rent Goats. Here’s why…

Because goats aren’t like other grazing livestock
Goats are natural-born weed eaters. Thorns and plants that cows and sheep don’t like are a delicacy for goats. Properly managed, goats choose the forbs (weeds) or woody plants 85% of the time, compared to 13% for grasses. This is an important point for ranchers looking to get rid of weeds while maintaining grasses and clovers for livestock.

Unlike other animals, goats eat plants from the top down, so weed seeds aren’t spread around and left to germinate. Goats eat the seeds, and when the seeds pass out of the goat, few of them are viable. We Rent Goats® doesn’t just clear fields. We clear bad seeds too!

Because goats are a natural alternative to chemicals
Unlike bulldozers or sprays, goat grazing is an ecologically beneficial way to clear unwanted weeds or brush and promote the growth of native grasses. And when the goats are finished, they don’t chew up the land or leave behind synthetic chemicals that run into rivers or streams—or into your drinking water.

For years, chemicals have been considered the best solution to noxious weeds. But times are changing as more and more people are looking for sustainable ways to do business. Let’s face it, chemicals have been around for decades and we still have the same problems that we did back when they started concocting those miracle herbicides. It’s time to try something new.

Because goats provide a long-term solution to weed control and fire protection
We Rent Goats® doesn’t claim that we can eradicate all your noxious weeds in one grazing. A common approach is to bring the goats in each year 3-5 year, with the landowner managing the land after the goats leave each year.

It may take a few seasons to get your weeds fully under control. But by eating the weeds and the seeds, goats can significantly diminish your noxious weed problem. We Rent Goats® we is currently looking into the use of beneficial insects as another sustainable way to finish the work our goats start.

We know from experience that goats are the most economical, the most sustainable solution for farmers and ranchers who want to restore weed-infested acres to their previous glory and protect property from fires.

Natural weed control is part of our national heritage. We’re proud to be able to offer it to you.

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