Justin Tuggle, Ph.D. is a private consultant with twenty years domestic and international experience in soil fertility, plant nutrition, plant pathology, agronomy, specialty crop production, environmental reclamation, economic analysis, and enterprise budgeting. Crops within Dr. Tuggle's experience include: corn, cotton, wheat, pecan, peanut, various vegetables, onion, grain sorghum, soybean, alfalfa, forage grasses, blueberry and bush crops, peaches, plumbs, truffles, various grasses, pepper, watermelon, cantaloupe, squash, sugar cane, and oats. The goal of Dr. Tuggle is to provide economically viable solutions and improvements for the customer. Dr. Tuggle also provides consulting related to irrigation water quality related to crop production and has consulting experience in both conventional and organic production.

to provide a usable and reputable source of information and support in the areas of:  agronomics for crops of all types both conventional and organic in production methods, environmental analysis and recommendations for plant growth, plant pathology, land use planning, and site planning for increased profitability and sustainability.  The mission is specifically focused on providing specialized experience in these areas in a person to person setting which provides a hands on solutions for each customer's needs.

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