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Dryland Solutions Inc. offers a continuum of land health services. Every project begins with assessment and planning. It is esssential to recognize causes of degradation and opportunities for improvements. During this process landowners are engaged in goal-setting and problem solving. Together, we will develop restoration treatments and land management practices appropriate for both the land and landowner. When it is time for on the ground work, Dryland Solutions Inc. can implement entire projects or lead landowners through every step of the process. Successful watershed restoration is a long-term commitment to the land. It requires regular monitoring and maintenance to ensure that goals are being met. Dryland Solutions Inc. provides follow-up management and maintenance services for projects we initiate as well as established ones. This enables timely responses to the changing needs of an evolving landscape. For more information please contact Dryland Solutions Inc. 

Craig Sponholtz, founder and president of Dryland Solutions Inc., is a watershed restoration specialist and agro-ecologist currently residing in Santa Fe, NM. He spent a decade with the U.S. Forest Service in New Mexico and Arizona working mostly in Wildland Fire Management. He left the Forest Service to seek out new land management paradigms. Craig studied Permaculture at Tagari Farm in Australia, which fueled his interest in the human dimensions of natural systems and landscape health. As a graduate student he studied contemporary and indigenous dryland agroecology practices, Pinon/ Juniper woodland ecology and diverse approaches to erosion control and passive water harvesting. In 2005 he received a Master's Degree in Agro-Ecological Restoration from Prescott College. Craig was the staff Agro-Ecologist for Earth Works Institute and managed their demonstration site near Cerrillos, NM. He has had extensive training in erosion control and stream restoration including collaborations with the creator of the "Induced Meandering" method, Bill Zeedyk. Craig currently works on public and private lands throughout the Southwest.

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