Craig Hill
If you have been hurt while working on a farm or ranch in Louisiana you are not alone. At Hill Law Firm we see all too many cases of: 
  • Farming accidents such as injures caused by an accident with a:
    • Front-end loader
    • Tractor
    • Plow
    • Combine
    • Thresher
    • Baler
  • Bad seed, pesticide or fertilizer that hurts the farmer or damages crops
  • Environmental issues
Though we represent nearly all types of agricultural law clients our most common case is that of a farmer who has been injured by the equipment he trusts to help him work the land.

The fact of the matter is that farmers and ranchers need inexpensive, quality farm equipment. You have worked hard for every tractor, combine, plow and front-end loader that you have purchased. Though you rely heavily on the farming equipment you use it may have been made in a way that threatens your safety.

Equipment Manufactures Are Looking Out For Themselves

A business is set up to make money. You know this. You work every day to make money; to at least break even. Though you understand the importance of making a profit, chances are you are not willing to sacrifice the lives of others to do so. Some manufactures are willing to sacrifice the lives, the health of farmers to turn a profit. They know that you need an inexpensive tractor so they take off nearly every safety feature, use less expensive parts and produce a tractor that is inexpensive but not necessarily safe. How can they get away with this? OSHA doesn’t regulate farming or farm equipment. The front-end loader you purchase does not have to pass the same safety standards as those sold to paper mills or other OSHA regulated industries. Is this fair? Not to farmers.

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