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Our dedicated team of master-level biologists, property tax consultants and professional field technicians specializes in helping rural landowners protect and enhance your greatest asset...your land! From our customized Wildlife Management Plans to convert your land from an Ag or Timber Valuation to Wildlife Management Valuation, to our range of environmentally and financially smart services and products, Plateau is dedicated to increasing your enjoyment of your land, and helping you achieve your ultimate land vision. Our land and wildlife management services and products help ensure your land is the best it can be -- healthy and thriving with native wildlife, grasses, and wildflowers. And our property tax appraisal experience helps you take maximum advantage of tax incentives created by our state legislature to protect the legendary open space of Texas. No other organization has a greater depth or breadth of knowledge in wildlife law, or provides a wider variety of land and wildlife-related services and products, than Plateau Land & Wildlife Management.

Plateau Land & Wildlife Management is a private consulting firm of wildlife biologists and registered property tax consultants dedicated to assisting rural landowners in protecting and enhancing their greatest asset, their land.  Our services include; 

  • Customized wildlife management plans to convert from an Ag valuation to a Wildlife valuation
  • Land and wildlife management services
  • The sale and installation of products to enhance your wildlife management activities
  • Professional consulting regarding property tax appraisal and protest issues
  • On-Site Wildlife Consulting, Advice, & Oversight
  • Nature Trails, Observation Platforms, Site Layout
  • Conservation Development

In short, we help rural landowners manage for native Texas wildlife and keep their favorable tax valuation.

What Makes Plateau Unique?
Plateau’s only business is providing wildlife management services and products. Our founders worked for more than eight years to help pass the enabling legislation for the wildlife management law. One of our founders sat on the statewide committee that wrote the regulations that implement the law. Plateau continues to provide education to Central Appraisal District staff on the wildlife management law.

What’s In It For You?
It’s a combination of basic economics and increasing your enjoyment of your land. The basic economics part includes saving time and money, reducing your liability, improving the re-sale value of your property. While traditional agricultural operations also bring the same tax savings that wildlife management does, it comes at a greater price. These costs include the cost of the livestock, veterinary bills, fencing or the cost of growing crops. These costs disappear with wildlife management valuation.

If you are leasing your land, you have the difficulties that come with sharing your land with someone else. Most folks find they have greater freedom to manage their land the way the want with less work while they are improving the quality of the wildlife they love. 

Contact Craig Bowen

Contact Craig Bowen

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