Cornell Soil Health Testing

The Cornell Soil Health Program Work Team started its activities in 2001. Since then, this interdepartmental effort has conducted extensive field sampling from growers' fields and research farms and compiled a soil health assessment database.

Some research highlights include:

  • Initiating 10 large, long-term demonstration trials in collaborating growers' fields.
  • Creating six replicated, long-term research and training sites, including the Gates Farm large-scale long-term research site in Geneva , NY dedicated to assessing the impact of management practices on soil health.
  • Developing a new soil health assessment protocol that examines six soil health indicators, unifying soil sampling for physical, chemical and biological measurements.
  • Analyzing more than 1,000 samples from grower's fields and demonstration plots.
  • Compiling a baseline soil health database.

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Contact Cornell Soil Health Testing

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