Continental Mitigation Group


CMG's mission is to restore, establish, enhance or preserve endangered fragile wetland ecosystems within the continental United States. It is a joint venture with public or private land owners, allowing them to maintain ownership of the land and mineral rights (when possible), and to fulfull the existing and future public need for wetland ecosystem mitigation credits.


  • Diverse and knowledgeable network of environmental, forestry, financial and legal consultants that work closely with CMG
  • Continuing involvement with state and federal agencies to meet the regulatory and logistical ongoing oversight and management components of wetland mitigation areas
  • Significant experience in project, logistic, and quality control management
  • Knowledge that wetland mitigation exhibits social responsibility and offers the highest and best use of many properties
  • Thinking "outside the box" for creative design, financial sustainability and management of properties and mitigation areas in the long-term

With CMG You Can:

  • Create and define public and/or private venture
  • Take on the financial risk for the successful development and certification of the compensatory mitigation area.
  • Assist landowner in establishing conservation servitude and third party nonprofit holder
  • Conduct restoration, establishment, enhancement or preservation activities
  • Market and sell the created mitigation credits, sharing the profits with our joint venture partner/landowner
  • Conduct and submit requisite monitoring and maintenance reports to the US Army Corp of Engineers
  • Document final canopy closure and self-sustaining wetland ecosystem within the mitigation area

Contact Continental Mitigation Group

Contact Continental Mitigation Group

Jay Fear
3348 Drusilla Lane
Ste. 3B
Baton Rouge, Louisiana  70809
Phone: 225 925 1334
Cell Phone: 337 338 0162


Service Area

Statewide service provider in:
  • Louisiana