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Consolidated Beef Producers is continually focusing on contributing to a more effective and efficient beef production and marketing system.  From marketing fed cattle to creating outlets for every ounce of beef we market.  Through partnerships and key alignments within the meat sector, CBP is creating unique and new marketing opportunities that will benefit everyone within our industry.

CBP was formed in 2000 by a group of visionaries that could see the need to create a consolidated marketing service for their feedyards.  With increased consolidation of fed cattle buying, they began to experience less control of weekly marketings.  By forming CBP, a vessel was set sail in waters that had never been chartered, a new concept was born.  This concept would come to benefit the cattle market and hundreds of cattle feeders across the country within just a few short years.

Today, CBP currently markets over 1 million cattle a year.  CBP is actively creating new marketing opportunities for its 230 custom feedlots and their customers.  From providing retailers a product that is empowered with consumer driven attributes to filling international orders with requirements that are above and beyond the expectations for U.S. beef.

Consolidated Beef Producers is now beginning a new cattle feeding opportunity.  It’s called “producing what the beef eater wants” a product that is safe, traceable and provides a memorable and enjoyable eating experience!

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