Conservation Practices Program (CPP) - Special Projects

A Special Project Fund has been created to be used for Soil and Water Conservation Districts with program requests that tend to be unique to a limited area or region of the state that would either provide for piloting new practices not on the state-wide docket or target specific practices or initiatives that are local priorities.  Examples of potential pilot projects include, but are not limited to:

  • stream crossings,
  • shelterbelts,
  • windbreaks,
  • ecologically sensitive area protection – karst,
  • urban gully restoration,
  • retention pond buffers,
  • rain gardens for storm water control,
  • shoreline protection/restoration/stabilization, and
  • heavy livestock use area protection. 

Examples of local priority initiatives include, but are not limited to targeting a watershed or community with a well sealing program that would exceed the state-wide docket limit of 10 wells per district per year.

This Special Project Fund will allow the Department of Agriculture and Districts to address these needs without making a long list of practices that may only be used by a few Districts.  Urbanizing Districts have emerging issues they deal with on a regular basis that are not addressed by the existing regular program which addresses rural soil erosion needs.

Any SWCD may apply for a project up to $10,000 of cost-share.  A project may include one or more practices with more than one landowner and may involve more than one District for projects that extend into an adjoining District. 

Because of the nature of the projects to be funded, if no available average cost list exists to go by, the cost-share rate will be 60% of the actual cost of installation for the practices.  There must be 3 estimates obtained from area contractors, with the lowest bidder receiving the contract for construction of the project.


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