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Your forest is a valuable portfolio asset as well as a source of great enjoyment and periodic income. Proper management of this complex biological system requires the forestry and business skills and experience of a professional forester. Colin Bagwell, ACF CF RF can help assure that your forest is managed in a manner that is that is environmentally sound, legally correct, and financially responsible. Although limited free forestry service and advice are available from various public, timber dealers, and industry sources, as a full service forestry consultant, Colin Bagwell, ACF CF RF offers the widest range of services. Most forest owners should at some time work with a forestry consultant. While timber sales generate the most pressing need for professional assistance, there are other reasons for seeking assistance from Colin Bagwell, ACF CF RF: preparation of a management plan, estate and taxation planning, local representation of absentee landowners, whenever other forestry activities are anticipated, or when timber trespass or natural catastrophes impact or threaten your forest. As will other service-related transactions, it is extremely important to work with a forestry consultant.

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Contact Colin Bagwell, ACF

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