Clover Valley Conservation District

The Clover Conservation District is located in Elko County from the E. Humboldt Mountain Range to the Utah State line and from Wells to Warm Springs. The majority of the land in the district is federally controlled either by the Bureau of Land Management or the United States Forest Service. The private land within the district largely consists of cattle ranches/ranges and there also are some hay farms that are irrigated by wells. The presence of small non-agricultural residences has been increasing in recent years.

To take available technical, financial, and educational resources, whatever their source, and focus or coordinate them so that they meet the needs of the local land user for conservation of soil, water and related resources.

Planning and Service

Provide for involvement of other agencies, organizations and individuals in the annual planning and implementation of district operations and programs.

  • Identify and prioritize Resource Concerns within the District in order to coordinate with the NRCS in resource planning and program implementation. 
  • Participate in the implementation of a Sage Grouse/Sage Brush Ecosystem plan with other agencies.
  • Participate and support the Elko County Cooperative Weed Management Area. 
  • Review & update the Weed control Plan for the District. 
  • Continue cooperation with the NRCS on the snow survey program. 
  • Provide support for the current Farm Bill Programs when approved. 
  • Continue cooperation with all agencies on water quality problems when identified within the District. 
  • Review and update the district equipment program for benefit of cooperators in implementing conservation practices. 
  • Provide technical assistance to landusers on planning and implementation of conservation practices. 
  • Assist NRCS on outreach programs to insure that all landusers are aware of available assistance. 
  • Initiate a plan of action to prioritize and preserve open space, protect environmentally sensitive lands and wildlife habitat. 
  • Continue support of the Northeastern Nevada Stewardship Group

Contact Clover Valley Conservation District

Maggie Safford
555 W Silver St
Elko, Nevada  89801
Phone: (775) 738-8431 x120
Fax: (775) 738-7229


Service Area

Services provided in:
  • Elko County, Nevada