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Clifford Chance has developed a market-leading climate practice to advise on climate change issues and how they may affect our clients. From understanding the regulatory frameworks on carbon emissions to advising on the legal implications of new business opportunities and climate change mitigation strategies, Clifford Chance is ideally placed to act as your climate change legal partner to help in future-proofing your business and maximising current opportunities.
Areas of expertise
Our market-leading climate change practice has a wealth of expertise and experience advising on climate change-related issues including:
  • Regulation: Regulations affecting business e.g. building regulations, energy efficiency requirements, disclosure requirements, including lobbying government and other bodies
  • Emissions trading: Emissions trading schemes, linkages to emissions reduction projects e.g. CDM and JI, and more complex structured carbon products
  • Carbon footprinting and offsetting: Voluntary offsetting and carbon neutrality and associated reputational issues and quasi-regulation
  • Risk assessment: Climate change risk assessment and risk coverage solutions including insurance and other products
  • Adaptation issues: Adapting to climate change e.g. real estate development strategies, planning and zoning restrictions
  • Supply chain issues: Customer and supplier arrangements and outsourcing issues and increasing carbon and environmental-focused requirements
  • Transactions and restructuring: Climate change issues in corporate and real estate acquisitions and other investments and their financing
  • Funds, new products and businesses: Issues affecting funds and new business start-ups dedicated to the green market often dependent on an increasingly regulated market place
  • Renewable energy: Development, financing and acquisition of renewable energy projects with an increasingly complex regulatory framework and panoply of tax breaks and other investment incentives
  • Disputes: Disputes and litigation related to the effects of global climate change and business regulation

    Network and industry reach

    Climate change issues are as diverse as they are complex and they consequently span the legal practice map. As a result, our climate change practice is made up of specialist lawyers in all relevant sectors located throughout our global network with the capability to address all of your legal needs.

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