Clearwater Basin Collaborative

What is the Clearwater Basin Collaborative?

A cooperative advisory-making body organized to resolve land management conflicts in the Clearwater Basin. For more information, see The Issues.

Who makes up the CBC?

A group of 21 individuals representing business, conservation, government, and  tribal interests. For more information, see The Participants.

Where Does the CBC Cover?

The Clearwater Basin of north central Idaho, encompassing public land of the Clearwater and Nez Perce National Forests; the Nez Perce Tribal lands; and Idaho and  Clearwater counties. For more information, see The Place.

When Was the CBC Established?

Formally convened in May 2008, the Collaborative has been informally meeting for more than four years. Each month, several meetings between subcommittees, the  steering committee, and/or the full committee are held in Clearwater Basin towns. 

How Does the CBC Operate?

The Clearwater Basin Collaborative has developed Operating Protocols borrowing best practices from national and international collaborative groups. Please see our Archives for more information.

Why a Clearwater Basin Collaborative?

The Clearwater Basin is part of the largest complex of wild public lands in the continental United States. People from all backgrounds and points of view agree that the forests, mountains and streams here are priceless and necessary to economic, social and ecological well-being.

Natural resource issues in the Basin have been contentious for decades. Land management decisions too often have left behind litigation, bitterness, and lingering conflict. Today, new challenges exist alongside the old. Economic changes have hit the timber industry hard. Insects, disease, and fire threaten forest health. More people are recreating in the national forests, and frequently clash over acceptable uses. There are intergovernmental conflicts as well. Local, county and tribal governments have varying interests in the Basin’s natural resources. And the U.S. Forest Service, as steward of the national forests, is stretched thin with conflicting demands. Please see The Issues for further discussion of the social, economic and ecological concerns that the Collaborative is addressing.

Contact Clearwater Basin Collaborative

Contact Clearwater Basin Collaborative

Dale Harris and Alex Irby
Kellogg, Idaho  83837
Phone: (208) 512-5806
Cell Phone: (208) 827-0309


Service Area

Services provided in:
  • Clearwater County, Idaho
  • Idaho County, Idaho
  • Latah County, Idaho
  • Lewis County, Idaho
  • Nez Perce County, Idaho