Clarendon Conservation District

To promote the wise use and care of natural resources for the benefit of the citizens of Clarendon County

The Clarendon Conservation District coordinates assistance from all available sources - public and private, local state and federal - in an effort to develop locally driven solutions to natural resource concerns. It is the districts responsiblity to the citizens of Clarendon County to provide first-line leadership in developing and implementing plans that will address the conservation needs within the county.


  • Provide conservation education to the public through school programs and community involvement.
  • Observe, report, and monitor conservation and natural resource concerns in Clarendon County.
  • Promote and implement programs to protect and conserve natural resources.


Contact Clarendon Conservation District

Contact Clarendon Conservation District

Merry Floyd
District Manager
13 West Rigby Street
Manning, South Carolina  29102
Phone: (803) 535-2612 ext 3
Fax: 855-602-5198


Service Area

Services provided in:
  • Clarendon County, South Carolina