City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks

Boulder's Open Space & Mountain Parks (OSMP) are a very special place. The open space lands teem with native plants and wildlife and are home to threatened and endangered species. They serve as a buffer between Boulder and nearby development. They sustain agriculture uses and add untold benefits to the natural environment - clean air, water, and earth.

The lands shape the urban mosaic of the Boulder Valley and provide citizens with passive recreation opportunities. Trails are used by walkers, hikers, bicyclists, horseback riders, dog walkers and other passive recreational uses.

Some Facts About Boulder's Open Space & Mountain Parks

What: Over 45,000 acres of land has been preserved and protected. Wildlife habitat, unique geologic features, greenways and 145 miles of trails are all part of Open Space & Mountain Parks.

When: Open Space preservation began in 1898!

Where: Boulder's Open Space & Mountain Parks form a buffer around the city, helping to establish its own, separate identity from neighboring communities. Agricultural lands along the Boulder/Denver Turnpike and the Diagonal Highway provide a scenic entry into Boulder. Mountain backdrop and riparian greenways are also part of OSMP. The system forms the framework within which development occurs in the Boulder Valley.

How: Through sales tax revenues, bond issues, private donations and development dedications. Acquisitions are approved by the Open Space Board of Trustees and City Council with opportunity for public input.

Why: To preserve land for scenic, agricultural and buffer value.

Who: You! The people of Boulder, by their support of Open Space & Mountain Parks for over a century.

OSMP Today

Today, Boulder citizens enjoy over 45,000 acres of city open space land in and around the city. Some of the land is in agricultural production, preserving the historic cultural landscape of Boulder County while keeping the land open for wildlife and passive recreational uses. In addition to the aesthetic pleasure of Boulder's Open Space & Mountain Parks, an extensive trail system is available for hikers and horseback riders. Bicyclists enjoy riding on designated trails. Picnicking and fishing areas also appeal to area residents, as well as a variety of free educational programs conducted by OSMP staff and volunteers.

With annual visitation of 5.3 million per year, maintenance is becoming increasingly important to preserve the quality of Boulder's Open Space & Mountain Parks.

Contact City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks

Contact City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks

Tracy Winfree
OSMP Director
66 S Cherryvale Rd
P.O. Box 791
Boulder, Colorado  80306
Phone: 303-441-3440


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