Christine Maynard

Christine Maynard is a wildlife biologist and geographic information systems (GIS) specialist with over 7 years of experience. Christine’s work has included environmental surveys for sensitive, threatened, and endangered plant and animal species and their habitats; additionally, she has experience creating, managing and manipulating spatial data. Christine specializes in overseeing the full life-cycle of field collection efforts, from data development to field collection and troubleshooting, to data post-processing, management, reporting and analysis. Christine’s dual-faceted expertise lends a unique perspective to projects and provides clients with efficiencies and practical solutions. She is experienced with regulatory requirements for spatial data and cartography and has worked successfully on numerous projects involving both wetland and ESA permitting. Her work involves wetland identification and delineation, Biological Assessments for ESA compliance, and Biological Evaluations for NFMA compliance. Christine is a member of The Wildlife Society.

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Contact Christine Maynard

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