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At Lotic we are solution driven. Water rights represent one of the most valuable assets in the west; we work with iniative, innovation and integrity to minimize the complexity and maximize the value of your water right and water transactions. Lotic offers a number of water right strategies.  These customer driven strategies are tailor made to your water right needs and objectives.


profitability-increase water efficiency and generate cash flows from your water rights.

asset management- protect and maximize the value of your existing water right assets.

marketing- sell your water rights or acquire the water rights you need.

conservation- maximize your water right's ecological value.


Water mitigiation plans, water right market analysis and asset management; water brokerage and marketing services; water banking consultation.


Lotic delivers a unique combination of water ingenuity and business acumen to simplify the complexities associated with water rights.

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Contact Chris Corbin

Contact Chris Corbin

Lotic LLC - water right marketing and management
1241 south 4th street west
p.o. box 9386
missoula, Montana  59807
Phone: 406.531.9156


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Statewide service provider in:
  • Montana

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