Chloeta Fire (CFI) is an Oklahoma-based Limited Liability Company (LLC) providing a diverse range of natural resources and emergency services oriented solutions to the federal government; tribal, state, county, and municipal governments; non-governmental organizations; and private landowners.  CFI is strategically located for national response in the south-central U.S. in addition to being 100% American Indian owned and operated. The owners, operators, and employees of CFI collectively possess advanced degrees in natural resources management; advanced NWCG, ICS, and NIMS qualifications; as well as decades of experience as public servants in the wildland fire service.


Prescribed Fire

The same all-risk response personnel and overhead deployed across the nation to emergency incidents are also capable of safely planning and implementing prescribed fire projects in a variety of fuel types. CFI specializes in complex Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI) projects.  CFI personnel are knowlegeable about the effects of fire utilization to decrease the threat of catastrophic wildfires, improve wildlife habitat and livestock grazing forage, and improve the overall ecological health of an ecosystem. These services are availabe to the smallest residential lot landowner to the largest corporate landowner or land management agency.  Since 2009, CFI has safely and successfully implemented prescribed fire as a land management tool on nearly 40,000 acres!

CFI is also experienced in providing comprehensive prescribed fire services to private landowners related to the following conservation cost-share intiatives: WRP, WHIP, and CRP including Mid-Contract Management responsibilities. Responsible utilization of prescribed fire as a conservation practice has repeatedly proven to increase productivity and profitability for landowners. Please contact us today at 1.877.CHLOETA or to receive a free customized quote.


CFI is capable of determining whether the need for prescribed fire as a land management tool exists, laying out the burn unit, composing a comprehensive burn plan, obtaining all necessary permits, and coordinating with all local forestry and emergency services jurisdictions.  All prescribed fire planning processes are conducted by on-staff foresters, wildlife biologists, and wildland fire and fuels management specialists.


CFI also has the capability to safely conduct and oversee the pre-burn preparation of a unit, as well as the igniting, holding, and mopping-up. This planning process implemented entails a variety of fire management professionals utilizing numerous wildland fire behavior and smoke modeling software products to graphically display to the layperson the anticipated results of the burn.


Burning without a plan is nearly as short-sighted as not conducting follow-up monitoring of first order fire effects to evaluate whether or not a planned burn was successful in achieving the desired management objectives laid out for the project. That’s why CFI has personnel on staff competent and confident in conducting this post-burn evaluation process.

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