Cheshire County Conservation District

to promote the conservation and sustainable use of our natural resources for the people of Cheshire County by bringing individuals and groups with common environmental interests together to share ideas, resources, and information.


  • Strengthen the viability of working farm and forest land in Cheshire County.
  • Identify and refine the natural resource conservation priorities of the population of Cheshire County.
  • Organize and administer conservation information and natural resource education programs.
  • Provide assistance on natural resource management practices and other environmental concerns.
  • Educate and provide public outreach to the community and academic institutions, focusing on environmental concerns and natural resource conservation in a manner that encourages appreciation and a stewardship ethic.
  • Advocate for and publicly promote the conservation of natural resources.
  • Provide assistance to units of government and related agencies on priority resource issues including land protection, water quality, erosion and storm water control, farmland, forestland, wildlife habitat, and wetland and floodplain protection.

Contact Cheshire County Conservation District

Contact Cheshire County Conservation District

Amanda Littleton
District Manager
11 Industrial Park Drive
Walpole, New Hampshire  03608
Phone: (603) 756-2988 ext 116
Fax: (603) 756-2978


Service Area

Services provided in:
  • Cheshire County, New Hampshire