Cheri A. Nelson

Building lasting relationships with men, women and couples who appreciate her unbiased, straightforward approach, Cheri brings respect and genuine interest in clients to the wealth management experience she provides.

After more than 20 years of gaining different perspectives on the world of investments, Cheri is mindful not to talk over people’s heads. “Even if a strategy is complex, I try to keep the explanation simple,” Cheri says. “Clients deserve to understand their investments and feel confident about their financial lives.”

For retired executives, farmers, attorneys, architects, physicians, realtors, small business owners, women taking charge of their finances and many others – including second-generation clients who live out of state – Cheri provides “concierge-level” caring and guidance. Cheri aims to be a “stabilizing influence,” regardless of how clients’ careers, lives and locations change.

Cheri is realistic about aligning a step-by-step wealth management approach with each client’s risk tolerance, background, goals, expectations, and market conditions. Accordingly, she constructs both conservative-leaning and more aggressive portfolios (when appropriate) that can provide an income stream and/or moderate growth. Seeking to preserve people’s hard-earned assets, she might explain that, with proper planning, they can take less risk and still achieve their financial objectives. 

As a Portfolio Manager, Cheri is able to make investment decisions and adjustments on clients’ behalf. For clients who grant her that ability – and for those who wish to be consulted – Cheri assembles portfolios that may include municipal and corporate bonds and a mix of equities, mutual funds and ETFs. To allow for growth opportunities, Cheri strives to build “less speculative and more likely” paths to goals that clients agree upon with her. 

While Cheri has a strong understanding of fixed income investing, she readily calls upon specialists in areas (outside of investments) that can brighten a client’s full financial picture – to help manage debt wisely, provide tax minimization strategies, estate planning services, insurance and education planning. According to Cheri, “Bringing experts on board is critical to a client’s wellbeing. Arranging meetings and simplifying the process is important to accommodate their busy schedules.”

Often asked for advice in purchasing a second home, funding college expenses, even navigating the college application process, Cheri says, “I feel rewarded when clients turn to me. After years of problem-solving in financial areas, the relationships I enjoy have brought me new clients, but more importantly, stronger relationships with clients whose lives I work to enrich.”

Cheri joined Merrill Lynch in 1998, after working eight years as a securities trader for an investment advisory firm and two years in banking. In guiding individuals, couples, families, corporate and institutional clients, Cheri’s versatility and experience enables her to guide asset selection, performance evaluation and investments – as well as orchestrate specialists and clients’ own advisors in areas that include lending, wealth management strategies and estate planning services.

Cheri is a loyal alumnus of Boise State University who earned a Bachelor of Science in Finance. 

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Contact Cheri A. Nelson

Senior Financial Advisor, Vice President
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