Chartiers Nature Conservancy

Formed in 1992, the Chartiers Nature Conservancy is committed to promoting, preserving, and protecting the Chartiers Creek Valley and Watershed area. We are a tax-exempt, §501(c)(3) non-profit Pennsylvania corporation.

Lower Chartiers Creek originates at Canonsburg Lake, meanders northward through 28 communities, then empties into the Ohio River at McKees Rocks. All water that "hits the ground" in these communities ultimately drains into Chartiers Creek, thus making it a watershed area. What we do to our water - and the land it drains into - affects water quality for all communities living downstream.

The Chartiers Creek Watershed is the fifth largest watershed in Allegheny County. Over the years, abandoned mine drainage, combined with sewer overflows, and industrial pollutants have added to the "distressed" quality of this watershed. We are taking steps to begin the clean-up process.

Even though the CNC is an all-volunteer organization, we have compiled an impressive list of accomplishments that will benefit the environment, the community, and future generations.

We rely heavily upon individual donations to cover routine business expenses such as land appraisals, property insurance, and surveys. We are grateful to the local foundations and area agencies that are key to making our success happen.

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Timothy J. Volk
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