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Cerama-Tech is a non-toxic, elastomeric, water based, Acrylic-Latex coating. Cerama-Tech is classified as a protective coating. Cerama-Tech applies and looks just like paint but cures and becomes a thin, flexible, lightweight, ceramic tile with a 'Super-Hard' finish.  Cerama-Tech willl NEVER peel, chip, flake, fade or oxidize.

I know that the words 'Energy Star', ‘Radiant Barrier', 'Solar Reflectivity' and 'Emissivity' are rarely, if ever, spoken in the same sentence as 'Paint'. However, that has all changed now.

Applications of our ENERGY STAR 'Paint' have resulted in drops in building energy requirements of over 50%.

Cerama-Tech can effectively be applied on exterior walls, interior walls, ceilings, metal roofs, mobile home roofs, mobile home interior/exterior walls and ceilings, mobile home undercarriages, rooftop A/C units and ducts, heater ducts, boilers and steam pipes, chiller pipes, refrigerated truck trailers, water heaters, school modular units, school bus roofs, motor home roofs, propane tanks, walk-in freezers, patio decks, ice storage boxes, sound walls, industrial metal roofs, flat roofs, shingle ply roofs, built up roofs, asphalt roofs, EPDM roofs, water ducts, attic roof decks, attic A/C units, boat bottoms, poultry houses, metal awnings, ice chests, underside of wooden floors, and conductive heat barriers.

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Contact Cerama-Tech of Texas

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