Carter R. Mascagni

Black River Timber and Wildlife, LLC is a full service timber procurement company located in Central Mississippi that provides professional harvesting operations throughout the entire state.  Our staff consists of registered foresters with a passion for forestry and unsurpassed work ethics. We only utilize time tested sound forestry principles in our practices.  Our utilization of Best Management Practices (BMPs) will allow for a better harvesting experience for you when selling your timber.

Though the primary objective of the majority of timber sales is financial gain, our practices will offer far more.  A well-crafted Forest Management Plan can offer the financial gain you seek and improve the overall well-being of your forestlands.  We understand that your forest and timberlands are one of your greatest assets and investments and we want to assist you in maximizing your investments.  We will utilize only practices that we feel will offer you the financial gain you seek and improve the quality of your timberlands.

 It is extremely important to us to only utilize practices that we would utilize for our own properties.  In fact, our commitment to you is that we will never utilize any technique or make any suggestion that we would not want done to our own properties.  We understand your investment because we also are invested in forestlands.  We utilize a carefully crafted plan in our own properties and hold ourselves to that standard when working with yours as well.  We promise to treat your property as if it were our own.

There are many benefits of carefully harvesting your timber.  We want to assist you in carefully crafting a timber sale contract that will lead to an overall improvement of your property.  This often includes improvement of your wildlife habitat, improvement of roads and trails, as well as improving the overall well-being of your timber.  We particularly pride ourselves in focusing on the overall improvement of your property.  We have a huge passion for the outdoors and want to share that passion with you.

We do believe one of our niche markets is to assist our clients in carefully harvesting their property to fully maximize the wildlife habitat potential of your property.   We spend the majority of our time in the outdoors and are avid sportsman.  We carefully manage our properties to encourage the maximum potential for wildlife and want to help you experience the maximum potential of your properties as well.

Contact Carter R. Mascagni

Contact Carter R. Mascagni

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