Carolyn T. Grosboll
Carolyn is passionate about worthy causes. She has long been an advocate for preserving the natural resources of Illinois, fighting for the rights and safety of those who are helpless and helping her clients achieve their ultimate legal goals. Carolyn will help you identify your goals, analyze the range of legal options available, and then guide you step by step through the process of setting up the best legal situation for you.

Client report that Carolyn’s confidence and obvious capability sets them at ease immediately; they know that they will get the best legal advice possible.

Follows is a brief overview of some of the matters Carolyn has successfully handled for her clients:

Non-Profit Organization – Carolyn has great experience in setting up not-for-profit organizations, from initial incorporation and obtaining status as a 501(c)(3) organization (official tax exempt status with the IRS) through ongoing management of successful entities. She recently helped a major non-profit conservation organization receive a favorable determination from the IRS that a large monetary grant would be considered an “unusual grant” and, therefore, would not endanger the organization’s status as a public charity. Carolyn also assists several land conservation organizations in achieving their goal of preserving land in its natural character

Estate Planning, Trust, Probate – Planning for the future is one of Carolyn’s areas of expertise. She has drafted numerous wills, trusts and powers of attorney for clients to help them achieve their financial goals in the most tax efficient manner and protect their assets for retirement and the next generation. Carolyn frequently assists families with setting up special needs trusts for a disabled child, ensuring that any bequests or property left to that child would not endanger their eligibility for social services in the future. Carolyn is a member of the National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys, a national organization with significant resources in the area of estate planning.

Municipal & Eminent Domain – Carolyn regularly represents individuals with zoning or annexation issues. She is familiar and experienced in navigating the politics of local municipal governments so that her clients get the outcomes they desire. Carolyn recently represented a client who had property being taken in an eminent domain action by a municipality. She was successful in getting compensation for her clients over three times more than what the municipality had offered.

Real Estate – While real estate sales and purchases may seem straight forward, there are many pitfalls that can be avoided with the help of an experienced attorney. Carolyn has handled numerous real estate closings from start to finish for both buyers and sellers of property.

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