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Beartooth assesses the full array of non-development values embedded in each property, including agricultural, natural resource, conservation and ecosystem service values. Wherever possible, Beartooth enhances and captures these values through conservation easement sales and donations, innovative transactions like carbon sequestration projects, and by developing conservation enterprises such as ecologically-sound agriculture and timber operations, mitigation banks, and more.

Beartooth’s business model deliberately focuses on the integrated goal of conserving important land and generating competitive financial returns. We work in partnership with conservation organizations to find, restore, protect and plan for the future use of our properties. This partnership provides Beartooth with deal flow, restoration assistance, easement partners and conservation science, while enabling conservation organizations to accomplish more than they otherwise could.

We also work in partnership with ranchers, bringing a healthy respect for their expertise, goals and wishes to our work with them whether we're purchasing their ranch, helping them profit from carbon sequestration projects, or partnering with them to create and realize financial value from their property and its unique conservation assets. We believe our conservation mission is a near and long term competitive advantage. Far from sacrificing financial returns to accomplish conservation goals, integrating conservation at the core of our business allows us to reduce investment risk and generate competitive investment returns.

Beartooth Capital Partners is the first Aggregator of Rangeland Management Soil Carbon Offsets. Beartooth has partnered with Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) to work with ranchers interested in carbon trading.    Beartooth’s first Rangeland carbon venture, the “Sun Ranch Sequestration Project”. As an Offset Aggregator, Beartooth will be working to identify and register rangeland projects that seek to enhance soil carbon capture through the use of approved grazing practices.

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Contact Carl Palmer

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