Carbon County Weed and Pest

The Carbon County Weed and Pest is committed to providing environmentally sound noxious weed control to help promote and sustain a healthy ecosystem within Carbon County, Wyoming.


  • Technical assistance to set up a weed or pest management program using integrated management.
  • Cost-share programs which reduce the cost of managing certain weeds or pests. These programs vary from district to district; check with your district supervisor for details and availability of cost-share programs in your county (designed by the District Boards).
  • Special programs may be established to meet specific local needs. If the problem is significant, some weed or pest species may be classified by law as "declared".
  • Provide an inspection service to attest your fields meet Wyoming Certification Standards and certify the resulting forages are certified weed-free.
  • Tap the resources of the Wyoming Weed and Pest Council, the University of Wyoming, the Wyoming Department of Agriculture, and various other federal, state, and private organizations.

Snake River Field Office

J Sheehan
365 Whippoorwill Drive
P.O. Box 60
Baggs, WY 82321
307-383-2228 Fax: 307-383-2229
cell: 307-320-8201

Saratoga Field Office

Jaimy Cass
112 Bridge Street
Box 923
Saratoga, Wyoming 82331

Contact Carbon County Weed and Pest

Contact Carbon County Weed and Pest

1301 Bonanza St
Rawlins, Wyoming  82301
Phone: (307) 324-6584


Service Area

Services provided in:
  • Carbon County, Wyoming