Cambridge Capital Partners
Cambridge Capital Partners is a boutique firm that focuses primarily on gaining access to capital markets through the development of tax mitigation and operational business strategies that all have a common conceptual purpose: sustainability and the continued preservation of environmental resources.  Cambridge offers investments solely through private placement. By also managing some aspects of the underlying investments, Cambridge provides clients with better opportunities for achieving their long-term and short-term investment objectives.  Additionally, Cambridge provides strategic management consulting and advisory services to facilitate and complement investment objectives. Cambridge assists clients in structuring, implementing, and monitoring an environmentally conscious approach to tax and investment strategies that aligns their global business objectives with driving shareholder value. Our extensive knowledge of mergers and acquisitions, international business, and real estate, coupled with our expertise in domestic and international tax law allows us to advise clients from a multi-faceted, yet focused perspective.

Through our established banking, legal, accounting, and wealth advisor relationships, we are able to offer clients the ability to invest in businesses that generate investment benefits while simultaneously minimizing investment risk. Our firm is built on a platform of tax efficiency and global business solutions. Additionally, our core strategies enhance investment opportunities in ways that provide better returns with a view to effectively mitigating an investor’s overall tax rate.

Contact Cambridge Capital Partners

Contact Cambridge Capital Partners

James W. Freeman
Managing Partner
3423 Piedmont Road
Suite 500
Atlanta, Georgia  30305
Phone: 678 481 3359
Toll Free: 888 682 9998
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