California Waterfowl Association
The California Waterfowl Association is a statewide nonprofit organization whose principal objectives are the conservation, protection, and enhancement of California’s waterfowl resources, wetlands, and associated hunting heritage.
In order to fulfill that mission, CWA has carefully thought out the following goals:
  • Generate sufficient abundance and dispersion of waterfowl throughout California and the Pacific Flyway.
  • Protect hunting rights, shooting sports, the use of dogs, and related recreation activities for all Californians.
  • Expand hunter opportunity, recruit new hunters, and teach skills and behaviors that will help sustain hunting into the future.
  • Communicate the importance and benefits of hunting.
  • Increase membership and funding for CWA to increase our capacity to achieve our mission.
  • Ensure the long-term viability of CWA and plan for its growth.
  • Maximize volunteer effectiveness.
California Waterfowl Association was founded in 1945, originally named Duck Hunters Association of California, and formed to influence hunting regulations and government activities that affected waterfowl in California.
Changing Times
In the early 1980s California Waterfowl recognized that the challenges faced by our founders had greatly expanded. In 1985, the association initiated waterfowl studies in partnership with the California Department of Fish and Game to determine the factors that limited waterfowl populations in California and the Pacific Flyway. By 1991, California Waterfowl had begun introducing youngsters to hunting and the outdoors through educational outreach.
Our Philosophy
CWA believes hunters have been the most important force for conserving waterfowl and wetlands. At CWA, volunteers and staff work together with dedication to perpetuating CWA’s mission: the preservation, protection, and enhancement of California’s waterfowl resources, wetlands, and associated hunting heritage.
Core Action Areas
California Waterfowl has established (1) Hunting Heritage, (2) Waterfowl and Wetlands and (3) Public Policy and Government Affairs as its core action areas. Each program area incorporates various aspects of public policy, waterfowl management, habitat enhancement, and education.
Hunting Heritage efforts focus on both hunting protection and promotion with an emphasis on youth education. Waterfowl and Wetlands efforts focus on supporting sustainable populations of waterfowl; the Mallard Legacy Program, Pintail Program, California Wood Duck Program, and Goose Program deliver the full range of habitat requirements for all waterfowl and more than 200 other species of wildlife. 
Legislative Affairs and Public Policy efforts focus on political and regulatory issues affecting waterfowl conservation and hunting, including state and federal legislation, hunting seasons and bag limits, public hunt programs, waterfowl habitat programs funding and wetland water issues.

Contact California Waterfowl Association

Contact California Waterfowl Association

John Carlson, Jr.
1346 Blue Oaks Boulevard
Roseville, California  95678
Phone: (916) 648-1406
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Statewide service provider in:
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