California Center for Sustainable Energy

Accelerating the transition to a sustainable world powered by clean energy

Our clean energy future depends on a strong, low-carbon economy that provides abundant jobs and business opportunities, a high quality of life and a clean, healthy environment. To bring about such a future, each of us must make wise choices now.

The California Center for Sustainable Energy™ (CCSE) provides people with information, incentives and opportunities to help make these choices easier. We work with policy makers, public agencies, local governments, utilities, business and civic leaders and individuals to transform California’s energy marketplace and beyond.

Our impact

A nonprofit social enterprise, CCSE has facilitated 44,000 energy projects for California consumers, businesses and governments. Through our market outreach and technical and policy expertise over 130,000 people have been directly served by our programs and CCSE has a well-established reputation as a point of statewide and regional coordination among utilities, end-users, industry, regulators and local governments. Today, our reach is expanding nationally.

What we do

CCSE helps individuals, businesses/institutions and governments with planning, technical assistance, education and incentives in the areas of:

  • building performance
  • renewable energy, distributed generation and energy storage
  • clean transportation

CCSE informs energy policy and programs with best practices learned from daily work and empowers people to make wise energy choices. We accomplish our mission through three main approaches:

  • Programs CCSE manages a variety of energy efficiency, renewable energy and clean vehicle programs.
  • Policy – CCSE supports California’s ambitious energy and climate goals by conducting research, educating policymakers and supporting the development of innovative policies and programs.
  • Education – CCSE engages state and local government officials, utilities, industry partners, consumers, advocacy groups, youth and others to develop effective and far-reaching energy solutions.

Contact California Center for Sustainable Energy

Contact California Center for Sustainable Energy

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