BusFarm, Inc./Farm to Family is a bridge from farm to city, distributing locally grown food to families in urban areas and educating people about food security.  We use different methods for accomplishing our mission: a year-round indoor farmer’s market, CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Programs in Richmond and Washington, DC,  and a FarmBus, a mobile farmers market in a converted 1987 international diesel school bus.

Our indoor market and our FarmBus both carry fresh grown seasonal and local produce, organic local meats, fresh local dairy, and other homemade products.  We use the FarmBus as a mobile extension of our market so that we can visit schools, and other places to teach people about fresh foods, and how to cook it. We want people to be proactive about changing bad eating habits and we can help anyone accomplish this goal if they are willing and have the desire!

We occasionally bring small farm animals (chickens, ducks and rabbits) along with us so children can see the connections between themselves and from where their food comes. You can actively take part in the new slow food movement by shopping with us or volunteering at the Farm, or by donating time, money or energy towards our non-profit. We also hand out free seeds to children so they can start their own gardens and learn where real food comes from. We  accept EBT cards (food stamps) for those struggling families in the community.

Contact BusFarm

Contact BusFarm

Mark Lilly
2817 Mechanicsville Turnpike
Richmond, Virginia  23223
Phone: 804-767-8570


Service Area

Services provided in:
  • District of Columbia County, DC
  • Richmond City County, Virginia