Building Green Futures Inc.

Our mission is to bring native vegetation back to urban settings, help restore the natural water cycle and re-connect people with nature, by providing water harvesting and green roof design, installation, and education services to residents, businesses, and the public sector throughout San Diego county.


We’ve chosen some practical approaches to address what we see as the most profound issues compromising urban sustainability: (i) our drinking water supply, (ii) stormwater management, and (iii) climate change. Rainwater harvesting and graywater recycling conserve our drinking water supply for indoor use. We believe in matching the appropriate water source with the appropriate water use. Rainwater is a great source of water for indoor non-potable use such as flushing toilets.

Green roofs provide evaporative cooling from the plant material and thus offset the urban heat island effect, a local form of climate change. Both green roofs and rainwater harvesting manage stormwater and help preserve our watersheds by using and filtering precipitation runoff on site. We are committed to this work because we believe that significant change can only occur with the cumulative effects of changed behavior by many individual home and business owners.

Contact Building Green Futures Inc.

Contact Building Green Futures Inc.

Rich Alianelli and Rosalind Haselbeck
P.O. Box 151295
San Diego, California  92175
Phone: 619-663-6650


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