Bruce Dehm

The mission of Dehm Associates, LLC is to provide accurate, efficient, and user-friendly decision-making information in a timely fashion.

Our philosophy is simple.

A tiny seed contains all the instructions for a plant to germinate, grow and adapt itself to the environment. To achieve this, it uses roots, leaves and systematic biological processes.

This simple message Do the Right Job Consistently, contains almost all the instructions for operating a profitable farm. To achieve this, farm managers use information converted to knowledge to apply the right solution through systematic processes. Farmers that do this most effectively are the most profitable.

Discovering which right job farmers need to work on and then monitoring the results, is the role of Dehm Associates, LLC. We help farmers turn information into knowledge so that decisions that improve efficiency and profitability re made consistently.

The objective of the Dairy Dashboard™ family of reports and benchmarks is to simply and effectively communicate with producers the connection between their production processes and financial performance. Awareness of a problem is the first step in solving it.

Contact Bruce Dehm

Contact Bruce Dehm

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