Brian Hludzinski

We build beautifully designed homes that are comfortable, uber healthy and energy efficient. We balance the clients needs with comfortable design, lasting quality while maintaining an integrity towards the health of the occupant and the structure.  

At Boulder ZED our new homes strive for a low carbon footprint through future, low operating energy requirements and low first cost strategies. To get to Net Zero we take a conservation approach first. The envelope efficiency is maximized through insulation, air-tightness and well insulated, tuned windows. Once our envelope is efficient, our energy systems can be much smaller, yet still very comfortable. We feel part of being comfortable has a lot to do with being healthy and we pride ourselves in the healthiness of our homes. We go far beyond code requirements for air exchange and use of low to no VOC materials. Lastly, we are forward thinkers providing low cost future proof design details.

In the end, our whole system, green building approach while chasing third party certifications helps us create uber comfortable, healthy and efficient homes.

Contact Brian Hludzinski

Contact Brian Hludzinski

Boulder ZED Design Build
1630 Redwood Ave
Boulder, Colorado  80304
Phone: (303) 981-7342


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