Brian Darr

After operating for 18 years as Southern Urban Forestry Associates, I have decided to change my company's name.  I will now operate as Brian Darr, Consulting.  This change will allow me to continue my arboricultural consulting, and to also add other non related pursuits, such as personal training, athletic coaching, and athletic competitions.

Southern Urban Forestry Associates is able to perform a wide variety of services and we are able to scale these services for individual homeowners, builders, developers, attorneys, tree care companies, non-profit organizations, municipal, county and state organizations, insurance companies and power companies. These services include:

  • Individual Tree Assessment - Determine the overall condition, health and liabilities of individual trees. Determine if any abnormalities would affect the quality and lifespan of the tree and determine methods to mitigate them.
  • Tree Protection During Construction - Identify existing trees on construction sites, determine their appropriateness for saving, construction protection devises prior to construction, instruct construction workers as to the need to protect the trees, develop specifications for tree protection and supervise the project.
  • Program Assessment and Development - The organization will be evaluated as to their current tree care practices. A vision for the future will be developed and a strategic plan will be produced. This plan will look at all areas of the city where trees interact: tree protection, tree commission, other city boards and commissions, zoning ordinances, planning procedures, tree care, new tree planting, and roadway sight clearances. Implementation and supervision of the plan are the final step.
  • Street Tree Management - Inventory, assess and value trees along city rights-of-way. Determine the needs of the trees and develop a maintenance plan.
  • Tree Damage Assessment - Determine the cause and severity of damages from insects, disease, animals, humans and other causes. Determine if the damages would affect the quality and lifespan of the tree and determine methods to mitigate them.
  • Tree Pest Diagnosis and Treatment - Identify the pest within a tree, recommend treatments and perform or supervise the treatment
  • Tree Related Expert Witness - Provide expert witness in court cases for tree related cases.
  • Tree Ordinance Developments - Review existing tree related ordinances, determine the effectiveness and recommend changes.
  • Personnel and Public Training - Train the tree care workers within city, county and other governmental entities and the general public as to tree biology, physiology, identification, pest, care, pruning and other tree topics.
  • Monetary Valuations of Trees - Determine an appropriate value of trees based on its size, species, condition and location. Provide a written report or testify in court as necessary.
  • Grant Development and Administration - Write and administer an Urban and Community Forestry Grants to cover the above program development and implementation. Required matching funds will be met by either cash contributions or in-kind services.
  • Site Design - Assess the current situation and the homeowners’ desires and develop a plan to meet these goals. Aspects to be included: stabilization of banks near the lake and creek, butterfly garden, greenhouse and planting of native shade and wildlife trees and shrubs.
  • Tree Planting and Care - Perform or supervise tree care activities
  • Brochure Development - Develop informational and promotional brochures for government, developers and other groups. Suggest copy, diagrams and pictures and provide layout and camera ready masters.
  • Tree Nursery Development - Layout nursery, including sprinkler system, mulch and ground cover. Suggest tree species, locations and soil moistures. Oversee the planting and caring of the trees after planting.
  • Pesticide and Fertilizer Applications and/or Sales - Determine the need for pesticide and fertilizers and perform or apply them as needed. Sell the necessary fertilizer products and instruct the purchaser as to their correct usage.


Contact Brian Darr

Contact Brian Darr

Brian Darr, Consulting
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