Brentwood Conservation Commission

The Brentwood Conservation Commission was formed at the March 1967 Town Meeting in accordance with RSA 36-A to assist in protecting the natural resources of the town. The Commission advises and makes recommendations for the protection, development and utilization of the local natural resources and open space. The Conservation Commission serves as an advisory board to the Planning Board and the Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA) as well as the NH Department of Environmental Services Wetlands Bureau (NH DES).
The Commission has two broad responsibilities. The first is to evaluate and make recommendations to the NH DES on permit applications to do work in or near wetlands in town. The second is to make recommendations to the Planning Board or ZBA on matters pertaining to wetlands or water-related zoning overlay districts and site plan reviews. Refer to the Brentwood Zoning and Land Use Ordinance [link to Zoning] for applicable regulations. The Conservation Commission and its subcommittee known as the Open Space Committee also work with landowners in town to encourage and facilitate the preservation of open space through the acquisition of conservation easements. At the 2003 Town Meeting, the voters approved a $2,000,000 bond authority to help finance these acquisitions. As of February 2008, we have spent $1,714,000 of the $2,000,000 to help purchase 5 easements on over 200 acres. Overall since 2003, 21 new conservation easements have been established, protecting approximately 780 acres. At this time, the Town holds 21 conservation easements covering 680 acres; other agencies including the Southeast Land Trust of NH, the Rockingham County Conservation District and the Society for Protection of NH Forests hold an additional 27 Brentwood easements covering 1109 acres. Approximately 18% of the Town has been protected from further development through these easements and other conservation restrictions. The Commission is also responsible for the oversight, annual monitoring and enforcement of those conservation easements held by the Town.
In recent years the Conservation Commission has completed a Natural Resources Inventory to be included in the town’s Master Plan and in 2007 undertook a Prime Wetlands Survey which should be a helpful tool for the Planning Board and ZBA as they consider future land use proposals. In 2007 the Commission and Open Space Committee entered onto a unique arrangement with the Southeast Land Trust of NH to employ a land conservation specialist on a part-time, shared basis; the specialist works with landowners who have expressed an interest in preserving their lands, guiding them through the complex process from start to finish. The specialist also seeks funding from grants or other sources to help fund the acquisitions.
The Conservation Commission has up to seven members and alternates, all volunteers appointed by the Board of Selectmen; terms are typically for three years. For a current roster, please refer to the Town’s Annual Report. Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m. in the Town Office. Residents are welcome to attend all meetings, and anyone interested in serving on the Commission is encouraged to attend a meeting to become acquainted. For further information, please call 603 642-6400, extension 19. Refer to the NH DES website - - for information on state regulations, wetlands applications, forms to report suspected violations and other information of interest.

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Rob Wofchuck
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