Blaine Soil Conservation District

Blaine Soil Conservation District is a Governmental subdivision of the State of Idaho. Since 1954 BSCD has supported local landowners with financial and technical assistance, along with public outreach to Blaine County residents on overall conservation efforts.

Blaine Soil Conservation District stands by their mission. BSCD is here to coordinate assistance from all available sources - - public and private, local, state and federal government - - in effort to develop locally driven solutions to natural resource concerns.

Among other things, Blaine Soil Conservation District help support and

  • Implement federal and state farm conservation practices and programs to help local farmers and ranchers with the best management practices.
  • Conserve and restore wetlands, which purify water and provide habitat for birds, fish and numerous other animals.
  • Protect groundwater resources; and water quality
  • Plant trees and other land cover to hold soil in place, clean the air, provide cover for wildlife and beautify neighborhoods.
  • Developers and homeowners manage the land in an environmentally sensitive manner; and
  • Reach out to communities and schools to teach the value of natural resources and encourage conservation efforts.

Contact Blaine Soil Conservation District

Contact Blaine Soil Conservation District

Cassie Lundergreen
District Administrator
20484 Main Street
PO Box 246
Carey, Idaho  83320
Phone: 208 481-1080


Service Area

Services provided in:
  • Blaine County, Idaho