Big Sandy Natural Resource Conservation District

The Big Sandy Natural Resource Conservation District (NRCD) lies entirely within Mohave County, Arizona and encompassed all the areas within the county excluding the Hualapai Indian Reservation. The District comprises 4,933, 931 acres. Mohave County is one of the fastest growing counties in the United States with a population of 194, 944. It is the 5th largest county in land area in the United States. In the past 10 years, the population has increased by nearly 25%.

The Big Sandy NRCD includes an interesting, and often conflicting, mix of land uses and resource concerns. By far the largest area of the District is arid to semi arid rangeland used for ranching, watershed protection, and wildlife habitat. About 14,000 acres of irrigated land is farmed, mainly for hay and cotton. However, Mohave County has a rapidly growing population which is mainly located in Kingman and the towns along the Colorado River where the major emphasis is on recreation and related businesses. In addition, there are numerous parks and natural areas scattered through the District that attract ever increasing numbers of people who visit these areas for camping, hiking, and other outdoor recreation.

Because most of the cooperators in the District are involved in farming and/or ranching, most of the conservation practices applied within the District are related to these uses. The major practices are prescribed grazing, water development, and fencing on rangelands to promote sustainable resource use and improved wildlife habitat. On croplands, irrigation conveyance systems, sprinklers, crop rotation and pest management are the major practices. These are designed to promote efficient water use and increased productivity of croplands. Wildlife habitat management practices are applied throughout the District.

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Contact Big Sandy Natural Resource Conservation District

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