Big River Cottonwood Nursery

Big River is a 125-acre, state of the art nursery specializing in the production of premium, hardy cottonwood cuttings. The nursery is home to 15 distinct cottonwood clones, each one suited to varied growing conditions and characterized by specific growth patterns.

Clones originated in one of: Brazos River near College Station, Texas; Issaquena County, MS; Tunica County, MS; and Bolivar County, MS.

Our variety of cottonwood clones ensures that we have the right variety to achieve superior growth and survival in a range of growing conditions.

In addition to generating 100,000s of high-quality cottonwood sticks each year, our nurseries also serve as field work sites for university research by both professors and students. The University of Arkansas recently established 64 study plots on which they observe and record tree spacing, survivability, and health of each of the clones. This, and other similar partnerships, demonstrates our commitment to supporting continuing research of cottonwood clones in addition to the learning of the next generation of foresters.  We have also provided leading research on the biomass pellet market to the Walton Family Foundation. Our company is committed to not only creating and selling products of the highest quality but to contributing to the growth and development of the sustainable forestry industry.

Don and his company, Delta Wildlife Consulting, Inc. manage the Big River nursery. Don is a certified wildlife biologist with The Wildlife Society. In addition to Big River, Don also owns and operates a hardwood seedling nursery and provides contract planting services for 1,000s of acres each year.

Contact Big River Cottonwood Nursery

Contact Big River Cottonwood Nursery

Don Anderson
P.O. Box 188
Crowville, Louisiana  71230
Phone: (540) 253-2514


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