Big Game Donation Fund

On each year's big game application, sportsman are given the opportunity to make an additional donation to help fund wildlife projects. Funds generated through donations by these generous sportsmen are used across the state of Arizona.

The majority of projects that are accomplished with these funds benefit Arizona's big game species. However, benefits to small game and non-game species are always taken into consideration and projects are designed to maximize benefits to all wildlife species.

Due to the nature of this funding source, public access to these project sites is a requirement. These projects are accomplished on federal, State Trust, and deeded property.

The following are a list of projects that were accomplished utilizing these funds during 2005:
*Clean out and line a dirt tank with bentinite in GMU 22. This project will benefit elk, javelina and white-tailed deer.

*Purchase and install 13,000 linear feet of poly pipe and 3 wildlife drinkers in GMU 1 to provide year round water for pronghorn antelope.

*Convert and upgrade an existing well to a year-round combination windmill/solar pumped well and add a 5000 gallon storage tank and two drinkers in GMU 2B. This project will provide year-round water for pronghorn antelope.

*Purchase and Install a rubber membrane into a well storage tank in GMU 4A. This well and drinker provided water to several square miles of pronghorn antelope habitat.

*Clean out and repair a dirt tank in GMU 13B. This tank is an important watering area for desert bighorn sheep.


Landowners interested in conducting similar wildlife projects should contact personnel within the Landowner Relations Program of the Arizona Game & Fish Department. Sportsmen interested in contributing to help see projects like this funded in the future. Should consider making a donation during the next big game application period.

Sal Palazzolo (602) 789-3503





Contact Big Game Donation Fund

Contact Big Game Donation Fund

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Phone: (602) 789-3503


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