Big Creek Wildlife

Big Creek Wildlife– a spectacular setting for weddings and special events and an outdoor lover’s paradise!

Big Creek winds its way around this 2600 acre hunting preserve and provides sustenance for an abundance of creatures, large and small. The wood ducks are fond of the many ponds and streams, and the quail and turkey delight in the cover of the hardwoods and underbrush. Fields of clover and rye grass, as well as acorns and leafy forest vegetation, provide a healthy diet for larger animals such as white-tailed deer and elk.

The Lodge at Big Creek Wildlife is the crown jewel of the preserve. For many years, the Lodge has been the site where hearts unite in marriage, families gather for reunions, engagements and birthdays are celebrated, and ideas are born in business meetings and workshops.

There is something about the dense forest, the open fields, the trickling streams, and the expansive sky that seems to soothe the soul. The rustic setting allows for creativity and good fellowship at a slower pace.

Whether it's a special event at the Lodge or a big game hunting adventure you're after, Big Creek Wildlife can provide you with an unforgettable inspirational experience.

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Contact Big Creek Wildlife

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